Past Games

Everyday tasks turn into impossible plattformer hells as you try to do the most mundane things, such as getting out of bed. Your friends don't seem fazed by all the spikes and deadly traps.
Heartly - A Game is about love and companionship. You might not notice it at first, but the two protagonists share a heart. One cannot live without the other - well, not for very long, anyways. You have to make sure to share the heart by throwing it back and forth while you help each other progress through the procedurally generated world. Not everybody is happy with your way of life, and as such tries to tear you apart - literally. Thankfully, your love fills your heart with the power of fire, and a badass light-dash. The lack of a heart fills your companion with darkness so great it can cause a black hole - also, ice powers. Have fun, feel the love, and check out the controls in the comments section.