Past Games

Fun family-friendly 2-player versus game in space. Jump, dash, and collect the last parts of your rocket to escape from the exploding planet!
Steal everything you can without being spotted! Bring the stuff to the window where the truck is waiting.
Explore underwater wrecks and solve puzzles with Joi & Jon, two bots joined together by a laser. If you liked Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and Badland, try JoinBots! Made at the Global Gam
2D versus platformer for 2-4 players like Smash Bros and Towerfall where jumpy kawaii gods fights in stages which vibrates to the music and/or the microphone.
Don't chicken out ! Rebel against your sacrifice to the Evil Lord. But you're still a chicken ! Just move, avoid and step on runes to launch dreadful attacks !
A runner game with no running. One team, four lives. Keep the team going and unveil each other's story. But things happen in life. And then, what do we do now ?