Past Games

A game about frankenstining animals – it's for two players. If you're having two Nintendo Donkey Kong Bongos add them and you're super awesome frankensteining animals.
Four roommates move in together into a flat share. The rooms have yet to be assigned.
Take on the role of a young journalist responsible for writing all of the headlines in the world-renowned newspaper "Daily Global Game Jam". Unfortunately, you can't find any function
Captain Budgerigar is depending on you! Control the height of the waves and avoid catastrophic impact with icebergs and sea monsters.
This is a Game about imprisoned spirits & Chuchichäschtlis... somewhat... The player takes on the role of a spirit that roams an old mountainside cottage.
"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried." -Winston Churchill Turnbased Asteroids, with voting system.
"..Schlicht" is a atmospheric cooperative puzzle game. Two players control a shadow and a light sphere.
SuperHertz is about rhythm and timing. Each player has a creation point that emmits circles. If your biggest circle touches your side of the middle barrier. Press space (Player 1) or enter (Player 2) to move the barrier. If the barrier reaches the other player you win.