Past Games

Can you target the right person despite misleading stereotypes? "Sniper Pro-filer" is a fun take on an empathy game.
A simple dress up game, which challenges the player to dress up a soldier-spy in a masculine way, with very limited options.
Collaborate on drawing Satanist symbols to successfully summon the dark lord! 2-4 players need to cover the carved path by swiping, each on their own smartphone! A technological and mystifying mirac
Matchimon is a simple game for up to 4 players, requiring quick minds and hands. Monsters appear in the middle of the lab, as each scientist needs to grab the right ones to match sets, either by same
an exploring-survival puzzle in which you need to manage your time between operation of several small machines. The more working machines you have, the slower your blood drains. Run out of blood and die! Play it online: (best experienced with headphones)