Past Games

Wacky twin-stick space shooter featuring a sound-driven map and lots of silliness. CONTROLS WASD/left stick - move IJKL/right stick - shoot KNOWN ISSUE: PS4 controllers will fire at random.
Get ready for the future of matrimony. You control robot workers, organising a wedding. You have guests you need to seat, the rings to look after and make sure the bride and groom get to the alter!
A tower defense game where there is no end of the enemy waves and no limit to how many times you can upgrade, what do you do know ?
Fight in/against a revolution in our once glorious nation. Command your forces to overthrow the Government or squash the opposition in the name of out Supreme Leader, which vision do you foresee?
Welcome to Anarchy Ambulance, a game that mixes the original top down GTA with a little bit of crazy taxi and a splash of heart stealing to save people lives. You play as the ambulance who harvests hearts from the street to sell on the black market. Its a time based game in which you race agaist the clock to get the hearts dilivered to the black market before they expire....