Gaetano Cavallaro

Past Games

Have you ever wondered how a suitcase can get lost at the airport? We have a theory, it's up to you to stand up and face the real reality Multiplayer Arena Game: Bindings: - WASD: move -
Our neighbour team is trying to accomplish "mi casa es tu casa" diversifier: "The game world is the same as the one from another game made by a neighbor team." we do not agree w
Board game about vaccines
MicroWave World is a 2D platform single player game. You are a tiny microwave oven that has to explore a kitchen in the restaurant ruled by Chicken Tank! You will encounter Kamikaze Jalapeños, r
Racing board game: Two islands, the men one has 4 single men that are looking for a wife and the other one is a preciuos one: the woman island that, as you know, has only one woman. The four guy
Kitty Seenkula is an horizontal side scrolling game that deals with Wizards, Cats and Castles.
A little game for people who love games! Roll a dice and start to create!