Past Games

2 player game in which a ghost must guide a human to solve the mystery of an abandoned NY apartment (by solving puzzles).
Un espíritu dolido al borde del olvido, el dolor le acerca a la locura, su canto un faro al buen recuerdo, el laberinto consumirá su cordura.
Have you ever wonder what does a summon when .. well... when it's not summoned?
¿What do we do when there's really nothing else to do? Help our castaway friend pass the time and not die of boredom ( literally )
Transformate en diferentes seres para completar acertijos. ------------------------------------- Transform yourself in different animals, and use their special abilities to solve challenging puzzles
You play as a child lost in the dark. Your heartbeat reveals the current position of nearby objects and enemies, the calmer you are, the further your heartbeats reveal, but are timed further apart. When your character gets nervous, your heartbeat is more frequent but reveals a much more reduced area. You must find your way back and try to find your toys.