Past Games

You finally get to see your favorite band live, you are so close to the stage that you can almost touch them, and then, the singer jumps to surf the waves formed by the hands of his biggest fans, yes
Something with a Ritual gone wrong, Displeased gods and something something
An intergalactic spaceship crashes on an unknown planet. Guide all the royalties to safety!!
Stoplight is a 3-player game for Microsoft Windows. Colours are related to the players movement, when moving the colours will fade away from the screen.
Team 'Arbeitsspeicher' was a German, Dutch and American collaboration. Students from Germany, teachers and an audio engineering professional from the Netherlands. Hand of Death | Is a game about killing demon samurai. The only way to kill demon samurai is with Dim Mak (Death Touch) technique which always leads to an exploding heart (Kill Bill style). The goal- stay alive and take out as many demon samurai before they Dim Mak your heart.