Gabriel Ruiz

Past Games

love&hate black&white bad&good. This is life. Keep the balance
Recover the ring before its get lost into the deep. Use your cat reflex to catch the ring before its too late, but don't underestimate the minnows, they won't make it easy
A Game about family and shoots, you have to defend your house with your familiars. You have to unlock more familiars to win! Grandma Rocks!
Top-down shooter coop survival where one player transmits orders to the other player's tool/weapon.
Juego multijugador (2 jugadores), donde los jugadores compiten por sobrevivir y mantenerse a flote mientras mediante saltos generan olas para derribar a su oponente. ---------------------------------
2D plataformer, on which you try to gather all the ingredients to perform the ultimate argentinian ritual: the perfect barbecue!!!