Past Games

Dungeon rogue like. Fight the world from the perspective of each hero and see the world as they see and feel about it, be aware that each hero is part of each other and all must survive.
In Reapers Collector the evil Reaper selected you to collect hearts for him. You need to find victims and steal their hearts and give them to the Reaper, otherwise, reaper will claim yours.
Travel as far as possible either using a Caterpillar or a butterfly in an endless loop.
An evil genius makes a time portal and bring Pandas 10 Maias to a death dome. Pandas or maias will face extinction in a death dome created by an evil genius. Who will survive? Multiplayer game to play with your beloved one, friends and family. Rules: * Each opponent has 5 lives (population) * Each player can be killed by the opponent flying over him * Each time a player die a life is lost * Players can earn lives by collecting offspring on the level * Players can collect their opponent`s offspring, preventing their foe to earn a live * Whoever lost all lives is extinct. Controls: Player 1: A- accelerate left D- accelerate right W- accelerate up Player 2: Arrow left- accelerate left Arrow right- accelerate right Arrow up- accelerate up We are aware of several minor bugs, but they wont spoil your fun! =O)