Past Games

You wake up on a school and don't remember your pass, you have to go throught school finding clues about what happened and who are you WASD and mouse to move E or F to interact
Your Family is Big, and your House small.
Eres Amanda, una espia en el G.O.H.S. (Grey Odd Humans Ship). Encuentra y transmite el código de los escudos de esta extraña nave. Solo así podrás salvar el mundo.
When we scream we generate sound waves. The idea of this game is to use this waves to beat the opponent. Shout to your oponent. Enjoy our game!
You and your friends go to the pyramids and get drunk, unfortunally, one of your frieds die, and your nerd do a ritual to summon Anubis and resurrect him, but summon a god is hard, and another entitys
You and your pal must follow the clues to find the Flujagegaimen.