Past Games

You are a simple clock tinkerer with lots of time on your hands. Not everything is as easy as it seems, time is your friend and your worst nightmare. The clock is ticking so don't dally!
You start as the beginning of your better; a ravenous, consuming mass in the blackness. \ Swimming through the sea of darkness, you must gather food to grow or die due to lack of desire. \ Swallowing polygons of peculiar hues will procure new ways of wandering and consumption, \ while approaching your prey from different directions will dictate your shape. \ Chase and consume rare quarry to become the best you can be... but don't bring about your own demise in the process. \
As thousands of gamers and game developers celebrate games all around the world an evil virus has spawned into the world of video games and is quickly infecting every last pixel until they disappear. The world of video games is under threat of extinction from this evil virus but as a gamer, you won't stand for it!