Frederick Tirta

Past Games

Bob, a caveman, finds a strange box while he's jogging. The box emits some weird and funky noises. His fellow caveman Joe, from across the river, asks Bob about the box.
Work together and send Waves of Heroes to attack the Powerful Wizard before he destroys the Universe. A 3 Attacker vs 1 Defender Card Game where 3 Players must work together deploying Hero Units to
Pelet is a traditional Indonesian enchantment ritual performed by local shamans called dukun that commonly used to make someone falls in love with the subject.
In deep space, you are awakened from your cryo-sleep capsule. Terror begins immediately as you discover that an unknown organism has breached your ship.
You are trapped inside the "Random Asylum For The Insanely Addicted" where the walls are always changing and monsters are trying to Crush you!