Fred Raducki

Past Games

Your Ship has crashed! Actually, all ships have crashed!!! Only one will survive! Collect scrap to ***REPAIR*** your ship, and your life, and all life!!!
Pooplers is a party game. Up to 4 players. As a toddler you have diarrhea.
Oi Mate! is a game about screaming at people from above and influencing them. While dudes around you are quite stupid they listen closely and love to transmit your words to everyone they meet.
With your friends make the Boat stay afloat while the nasty waves hits it. Don't loose the shipping too !
You are God and you are LAZY !, Humans are making Rituals to summon you on Earth but you prefer to just chill-out in Heaven. Do what you can to get rid of those annoying prayers ! [ PLAY =&
In this game you land on a comic book page.
a battle-arena game. Do you feel your color will prevail today ?