Past Games

Team Meow Machine presents ニャニ???(Nyani???) a mess of game where you protect your friend from their nightmares (you're a cat???).
You have moved into your new place about a month ago, but those last final pieces that make home what it is, still needs to be unpacked. It's finally time.
CWs: Homelessness, Transphobia/Queerphobia, Childhood Neglect, Emotional abuse, Discussions of CPTSD and Trauma Therapy Home is where the heart is, unless you don't have a home.
Can Doctor Luminous return to his home before his whimsical cat makes an absolute mess in a fit of excitement and joy! Swipe and bat and the belongings of the good doctor, keeping your excitement h
This is an Isometric Game about protecting your home from the raging bushfires in Australia.
A top-down, 2D twin-stick shooter where you control a robot pistol shrimp defending an ancient artefact against waves of mechanical hostile fish.