Francesco Corsello

Past Games

How does it feel to lose your home and be forced to find another one? Funny, if you're an hermit crab!
When the marmot attacks there's nothing you can do but run home and save yourself. Dash through the city streets, avoinding obstacles and annoying people.
Kitty Seenkula is an horizontal side scrolling game that deals with Wizards, Cats and Castles.
It's Dinner time! Eat as much as you can, before others will do the same! Ready to ̶E̶a̶t̶ Hit is a 4 player party game, playable with Android Phones as controllers. INSTRUCTIONS: Make an hotspot wi-fi connection with your PC and connect all phones to it. Download and install the APK on phones. Start the game on your PC and start all the applications on phones. On PC go in to the game scene (pressing Enter twice). Then on phones write the IP address of your pc (is written in the bottom left corner of the game scene). Click connect. Have fun!
We are not alone in the universe. Alien ships are approaching Earth's orbit! Intercept and decipher the messages sent from the aliens to understand their real intentions: if they come in peace, make sure to greet them kindly. But, if they don't...then tell them to get lost if they don't want to eat some nuke, before they can can get too close and attack our planet!
L'Impero Terracqueo ha colonizzato con successo il pianeta di Nuova Babilonia, ma i coloni hanno sfruttato la difficoltà di comunicazione con la patria per dichiararsi indipendenti. In risposta, l'Impero ha inviato un corpo militare per riconquistare il pianeta. La missione sarà seguita dall'inviato speciale del regime Gino Bazzotti, che per primo avrà l'occasione di catturare immagini del nuovo mondo. Cosa deciderà di mostrare? Seguirà i dettami della propaganda o farà vedere al mondo cosa succede davvero sul pianeta?
Los Tress is a famous Mexican TV Show; three Hermanos are challenging each other in keeping a Chili Pepper floating their. If they blow the Chili too far, they're out. If they eat it,... they're also out. When a Pignata comes out they will chill together in order to collect juicy power Up! Play as a Hermano against two others; be the last one on the stage to win!
A game about an holy woman, a fortune teller that can see everything in the life of her customers, thanks to some high tech divine power! Indeed, her assistant is transmitting her the information he finds spying on the social networks and hacking private conversations! Pick the right hint to whisper her, or her "sanctity" may drop too low!
A puzzle game about using waves of light and gravity to navigate in space, while fleeing from a terrible alien tyrant. Get to the goal, and while you test your puzzle solving skill, enjoy the comic-book like narration and colorful world.
Vaporwave (British English: vapourwave) is an electronic music subgenre that originated in the early 2010s and spread over the next half of the decade among various Internet communitie. Shoot the Bad part of internet with the correct arguments and admire the Vaporwave ones :D
WaveOn() is a Cooperative Game where two players need to communicate to escape the labyrinth and reach the goal. This game splits into two perspectives. Player one can move the character in first person, the second player can see the whole labyrinth from above and figure out the correct path. There are different types of obstacles inside the dungeon and, each player, can use his special power to see certain type of waves, to lead the other player. Whenever the character suffers a certain amount of damage, the players view switches.
Onirica is a voyage in a little guy's dream. He can calm himself or get upset to influence his own brainwaves and change his dreamscape, switching from idillic dreams to nightmares to get new way to proceed. Will he find what he is looking for in his dream, or will he end his dream by waking up or by falling in deep sleep?
A fallen general has been imprisoned in the dungeon of Costantinople, and blinded by the envious Emperor. He must try to escape taking advantage of his newly discovered ability to perceive the environment through the sound.