Francesca Leon

Past Games

Your friend has gone missing... and there's something lurking around the neighborhood... Tune in to a mysterious radio to hear the past and and uncover the truth...
EXTREME SEW-EM-UP ACTION! Tiny fashion game developed for Global Game Jam 2020. Repair, embellish, and decorate to create a new HOT LOOK.
Join these doggos as they solve the age old mystery - what happened at last night's party? We strongly encourage players to use a notepad to write down relevant clues and put the pieces together
The natural reaction to finding an injured hiker by a path is to call 911. When that doesn't work, you'll have to get more creative.
Starshine Grand is a relaxing interactive illustration that explores constellations through the magical transmission between their stars, inspired by the ceiling in New York City's Grand Central
Your friend is dead, scour the landscape to find parts to put back together your friend, as is life you too are slowly falling apart, put eachother back together, be nice, be immortal. WASD - wal
We were a little ambitious with this project, so this game is still a work in progress! THIS GAME REQUIRES A MICROPHONE TO PLAY. PRESS ESC TO EXIT. Dr.
"Meet Me Halfway" is a two player networked puzzle game which explores the opposing ideas of optimism and negativity.