Fran Romguer

Past Games

Neil Armstrong said once... That's one small step for man, one giant leap... FOR MOONKIND! Be welcome to this local multiplayer (2p) 2D platformer game.
Our Home is an emotional graphic adventure which tells a story about two girls. Telling more about it, can be considered a spoiler, so give it a try, it will take you 5 minutes.
You are a mite that has to protect its home crossing the stage to reach the plug of a vacuum cleaner which is destroying your home and is menacing to take your family.
Just a normal day in the old man's garden: this is your home.
ENGLISH: A girl is about to drown in a quicksand, she will have to use her shamanic skills, transmitting her soul to the animals that surround her to solve the situation. ESPAÑOL: Una niña está
Cyan-02, a test subject of a failed experiment, wakes up in the abandoned lab where she was conceived.
Play at the rythm of the music and spread the waves!
One of the most important rituals of the magic is making potions. But it is well known that this is not easy. You have one minute to do all the potions you can.
The exorcist ritual is here. You're a ghost and you have to get rid of the exorcist. Only you can move around the furniture and duties to dodge attacks.
SLIDE each character to a FREE-DANGER square to save him. You can move MORE THAN ONE character at once! ☛ "They're trying to kill each other!!