François Place

Past Games

Two quokkas doing a lovely trip in Annecy discovering the nearby mountains and the lake. Two players have to cooperate using only one input each, they will have to be coordinated, and organized to re
Santa's Freetime is a multiplayer game on mobile where two players have to repare their elf's canon with cristales. Players uses thier thinger to aim and shot elf's on the screen to co
Once upon a time there was the Big Bad Wolf. To satisfy his belly he decided to besiege the home of the 3 - . . . wtf? 4 little Piggies?? But no time to think about it!
/!\ Ce jeu contient des contenus inappropriés, pouvant heurter la sensibilité des joueurs les plus jeunes.
This is a game about running and doing rituals at temples along the way.

Hearty Games