Past Games

A game where you play as a symnestesic chameleon who can perceive instruments as colors, lost on a music studio trying to avoid the upcoming sound ripples by switching to the same color as them.
Controls: Mouse button 1. 2 = select thunder. 3 = select dirt You win if you survive long enough. You lose when your life reaches 0 Every time you lose a block of dirt, you lose life Every time you restore a dirt block, you gain life. They are trying to reach the heart of the planet, for they are humans, and their lust for energy is endless. So they will start digging to reach the heart of the planet to take advantage of its energy generation capabilities. You must stop the humans from reaching the heart by destroying the diggers, and rebuilding the planet to hold them off.
Since the pre-historic age, the flying T-Rexes, some particularly rare fellows, are struggling to survive through time and space, avoiding the harms that are being provided by the human race. You, as the pack leader, must guide the flock of flying t-rexes, help them to escape those cruel creatures called humans.