Past Games

Jogo criado na Global Game Jam do polo Recife Diversidade. O jogo é sobre uma jovem garota que perdeu seus objetos e tem que encontrar antes da mãe chegar e dar "uma pisa" nela. Jogo de Po
In a desolated landscape, you must find what you've lost, and become whole once more.
Toê é um jogo pensado para auxiliar o ensino da língua materna do povo Xukuru.
Unbreakout is a reverse Breakout. Instead of breaking blocks, players will hit empty spaces to restore the destroyed blocks and rebuild the complete level.
Based on the concept that home is a place that must be protected. The game tells the story of Day, a young woman who invades a house full of entities awakening the anger of its residents.
Um senhor em seus anos áureos quis voltar a seu antigo lar e assim poder se reconfortar com as lembranças de sua vida . Ele busca achar fragmentos de fotos de sua família o ajude nessa missão.
A remake of the classic Atari 2600 Bobby Is Going Home.
A Roda Punk simulator
You control the waves in the sea. Help the surfer escape form the shark, and there might be some cake... ...The cake is a lie.
Thats a good question. Maybe it is a multiplayer game about defeating your friend in a cute arena through collecting their resources with a wave. Yeah, didn't help much, right?
Beely is a very special bat. He identifies himself as a nature lover.
The journey of a young shaman to become a man
Enjoy the everyday experience of preparing a breakfast. If you don't give a damn about the food, just enjoy the jazz. (To play this game you'll need a mouse or a notebook touchpad).
Everyone fell to the deep Rock Bottom once. The path of confronting old fears and self discovery is damn hard, the help from others is essencial to overcome the challenges.
An experience about your senses, your world and everything in between...
Sometime, between the today and tomorrow, there's a computer where the happiness and the fluids data runs freely. 515 the processor runs faster than the fastest, 808 the program works more loyaler than any other. As the brave program BOB(808), you have to face the dangers of a dying computer in order to save your Sister(515), but as the energy runs out, your only mean to find her is to follow the sound of her fading HeartBips.