Past Games

This is an autobiographical game about tribulations and difficulties to develop a game around the very hard and philosophical theme of the GGJ 2014, by our team of five random guys. Unfortunately m
The Goblin King is drunk and he's lost in his dungeon again... Please fellow minions, help him find a bed to crash for the night! Taunt him so he will follow you but beware his anger. Only a beer will calm him down! This is a game for 2 to 5 players - actually it supports single player too, but it's a lot better with more than one player :-) Supports keyboard and xbox 360 gamepads! (sorry, no other kind of pad support, time was against us :-( but if you have a ps3 pad you can use DS3Tool! ) Features: Procedural levels! Fancy graphics! Colored goblins! METAL! \m/_ And a very douchebaggy king.