Past Games

An exorcist goes to hell, he´s task is to catch the demons, will he survive?
An action rogue-like that tailors the experience to the users actions. The way you deal with challenges changes the dungeon to cater to your choices.
Do you like 2D? Do you like 2D platformers? Do you like platforming? Jumping and running and platforms? Do you also like greyscales? Then this is the game for you! It covers all of those things that I just said. Use buttons to jump, run and climb! (We will work out the keybindings later, point is that you can do those things.) Also there will be sound at some point, so if you enjoy sounds then that's cool. If not you can always mute the game, that's fine we won't blame you we are not musicians. Please enjoy our game. Or don't. That's fine too. But we would like it if you guys enjoyed our game as well. Because yeah... Game making. That's a thing.
Eat to grow, grow to eat youself. you can do it!
A card game where players have to race against time to save a terminaly ill patient. Players first have to use diagnostics to examine the patient before adminsitrating a treatment. Many game modes, both coop and competative multiplayer.