Fiorella Morante

Past Games

English: You've been sent to explore the depths of the ocean with little to no light to navigate.
A shaman traverses the forest , sensing a disturbance with the spirits.
You must help the soul survive the night!!! Genre: Survival - third person
Pixel Platform-Puzzle Game Game: Control the character with arrows (right, left, down), jump with ¨Z¨, use special google power with ¨X¨ and drag the items you collect with your googles using the m
Cucho is a butcher who lived happily cooking anticuchos until one day the zombie apocalypse began and all his meat suppliers became zombies. He could no longer cook anticuchos... at least traditional ones. Since cooking anticuchos was Cucho's passion, he went mad and decided to kill humans to take their hearts and make anticuchos with them. This is an infinite top-down survival game. Kill humans, take their hearts, cook anticuchos and survive! Anticuchos can only be made of human hearts so don't let zombies touch humans or they will become zombies too. Controls: WASD + mouse