Past Games

A new contender to the dating sim genre. Incredible, emotional, and above all, memorable.
In this world, most would view you as lacking, as less than the average person.
Join expedition vehicle V.A.L.A.S on a journey deep into the unexplored depths of the seven seas! Danger! Excitement! Sonar waves! And a lot of water! A lot of it. You've been warned. (V.A.L.A.S stands for "Very Ambitious Little Appraisal Sub") WEAR HEADPHONES WHEN PLAYING AND MAKE SURE THE VOLUME'S CRANKED UP HIGH ENOUGH!
Thou art the omnipotent god, the omnipotent god art thou. The ability to create and destroy, to bring to pass and wreck havoc is granted at thee. The only - albeit minor - things restricting thy divine playfulness are the petty rules of this 2D arcade puzzle world, itself held up by a giganomous turtle and his little elephant friends.