Past Games

A chaotic minigame collection about the struggles of living with your living. Gamepad highly recommended (but not mandatory, play it however you feel like).
Malote, a test monkey of a mad scientist is put into a strange experiment: To traverse a city flying over its garbage having a single sonic pulsor in his back. Leaning on the ground is unacceptable.
Yo! It is a street game. To survive you need to know the performance of rituals, if not, maybe you're a traitor infiltrated the gang, and nobody likes TR-8R.
The world still changing, every country have some government issue. The street was occupied, the screams are echoing in every corner.
"Kudos is a country ruled by Eklat Group, a tyrant and oppressor group that wants to turn all people equally within a pre-determined pattern. And they need someone to do the dirty work.