Past Games

The last Oak wielders are trying to survive difficult times of darkness, cold and wild creatures.
In a third world country, where water has become more valuable than gold (or Iphone 6), find your way to make your settlement survive.
The game is still a bit far away of being complete. The team started late on Saturday so this current build is still less then 24 hours old =(.
Are you tired of constantly killing the same boss over and over again on your favorite MMO? Do you want to stop wasting your days farming against bosses that require lots of attention and coordination to give you a cape? How about a change of perspective? In Like a Boss, YOU are the boss, can you defeat a whole 40-man raid and their strategies? Can you withstand their mockery and futile complaints about game mechanics? Are you up for the challenge??? Control your Raid Boss using WASD to move, Left Mouse for basic attack, 1-2-3-4-5 for special epic skills.