Past Games

"Re-Paired" is a game in which you take control of a puppet left without a puppeteer.
In "Dark Road Home", your imagination is your worst enemy. You are a young child, coming back from school. It's dark outside. You must hurry home. As you move quickly through the damp streets, you start to notice other children, who look suspiciously like you. You start to doubt you own conviction as to who the real "you" is. Let the game begin! "Dark Road Home" is a competitive tabletop game for up to 4 players. Each of you play as a "version" of a child, but only one of you is the real deal. If the real kid reaches it's home first - they are safe. But if the monstrous copies reach your house first, your home is forevermore haunted and you are now homeless. Use strategy to outsmart your foes! Play as a double agent, boosting a player, who you think is the real kid! Or be a part of Team Evil and help all monsters reach the house before the kid! Each copy of "Dark Road Home" contains: 3 Gameplay Tiles 4 Character Tokens 4 Character Cards 1 Start Tile 1 Home Tile 1 Rule Pamphlet 1 Printable Box NOTE: You need at least one d20 to play the game! Hurry home, kids. And be careful - your eyes might be playing tricks on you...