Past Games

Jesus is broken and you must fix him Credits: Niklas Gløsen Markus Lange Ingrid Olsen Ingvild Grotløkken Dexter André Osiander Menu music by David Wise
PR and marketing is an important part of having success with your games. That is why we have decided to Jam Marketing.
A dog paints his dog house while its owner is away. Control the dog's flaccid neck with ragdoll physics to paint your dog house!
Play as the Switchboard Operator, connect incoming callers the old fashioned way. Work hard, eavesdrop or disconnect people, try to keep up with the jungle of wires as you progress. Fun silly, chaot
You control Flume, a shape-shifting leaf. Flume can become a water based leaf or a fire based leaf. Fire pushes Flume upwards, while Water pushes Flume downwards.
A voodoo doll created by an old lady to perform hits against various people. It accomplishes this by inflicting gruesome injuries upon itself.