Felix Köcher

Past Games

Protect the holy barbecue shrine of the shrimperium against the evil forces of the Su-Shi empire.
Arrgh! Someone stole the enter key of the MSS DOS! Without it we cannot enter other vessels or format our bottled messages.
The party of the century!!! But it can't go forever, the parents of the house are on their way home.
You face a heroic quest that everyone worth their salt has faced at least once (a week): Getting home from your local gin mill at the other end of town. A problem that couldn't be easier but
In a World of cybercrime and corruption, become the MASTER OF ALL EVIL. Starting from your Basement, spread evil and fish data and get the money of the innocent.
TLDR: Navigate an unusual team consisting of a rat and a toast through a dark level. Visualize your level using sound sources.