Fede Cardinale

Past Games

El juego trata sobre un músico que toca en las calles, y trata de darle buena onda a los transeúntes.
Tendrás que completar una cadena de ADN colocando las piezas que falten para permitir que una criatura pueda evolucionar correctamente. ---------- You'll have to complete a DNA chain by placin
English: A short story about a girl whose dad used to take to the beach to pick up shells. Click on the shells before the waves wash them away. Most texts seem to only display in Chrome.
A Man vs. Sea Monsters: A coastal city is destroyed by a tsunami of enormous proportions. When trying to rebuild and save the survivors, it is discovered that some sea monsters have taken the place.
A bunch of little creatures crave for a delicious exotic fruit which hangs from palms and trees, however, they are unable to reach them on their own.