Feather Chung

Past Games

One tragedy broke the cat's brain. Combine the neurons to repair its brain and help it to find its way home. Tutorial: Move or rotate the neuron to connect the buttons and the actions. You
This game is played by keyboard. Arrow Keys : Move Space : Pick up shells.
在險惡的極冬中和你僅存的家人活過30天!!! 主角要出去野外蒐集建材及食物,同時也要滿足家人的生理需求 ●核心玩法 1.在家裡餵食家人(靠近家人後按下Z鍵,維護家人的飽足度) 2.若食物不夠或是房子即將損壞,可以往家的右邊走前往野外區域 3.在野外可以尋找木材、兔子(食物)等資源,靠近之後按鍵盤Z採集 4.木材會直接補充到房屋的耐久度,食物則必須帶回家餵食家人 5.每天晚上18:

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