Past Games

All god really wants is to kick back with a cool can of Norwegian Energy drink. But unfortunately there is always trouble brewing.
Steve wakes up to Alex having taken over all of the smart technologies in the house! Find your way to the fusebox to turn them off!
You play as Flag Bot, a bot with flags! Wave your flags to help your friend, Move Bot, get to the goal.
An exciting side-scroller game about oxs and a ninja. Don't let them touch you (the oxs)! Multiple players can join a game from their mobile phone. Each play gets assigned an action.
You see things as we are, because we can be them. A puzzle platformer where you clone objects into copies of yourself by clicking on them and use them to navigate the scene.
Do you like to build bridges? Or maybe blow them up? We're hiring! There's a giant generic incentive across this funny-shaped lake, and we need your skills to be the first to get it. Sign up now. --- Donkeyboy (P.S. You'd do well to stay away from that shady monkey over there.)