Past Games

2 players coop game: each character moves independently, but the abilities are shared: JUMP, TURN /STOMP, SHOOT. Only Player 1 can JUMP or TURN, but when he does, Player 2 also does it.
Santi is a mantis. Year after year he managed to stay locked in his own house when "the time comes". But this year is different, his employer's daugther is here.
You are just a lonely square, trapped in a strage maze where you will see strange things happen. Try to find the way out, you have plenty of options. -------TIPS----- The mushrooms and plants c
The character will find different masks through the game. When he uses them, they will alter the escenario. It is necessary to use each mask in a certain order to advance though the levels.
ES - Un corazon de tachero que se pudrio de la vida y salio a desestresarse matando viejas y rompiendo tachos de basura. EN - Is about a Tachero's Heart who got pissed out of his life and went out to free his stress killing old women and breaking trash cans. The game is an analogy of the life itself.