Fallen Feather Studio

Past Games

Two player game, where one steals and hides items from NPC's and other one tries to find return items to their owners
You need to recreate given melody on a piano. Sounds simple, but some keys are out of tune. Use variety of hammers to tune it so you can play the given melody. Also, there's synth.
You must build a house and fill it with endless number of residents
Stealth based platformer inspired by 80s where you change gender to pass various obstacles and enemies. As a female you double jump. As a male you can move boxes with your strong manly muscles.
Navigate your cargo ship trough the ocean waves while trying to save most cargo as possible
An Aztec shaman lives a life where he tries to mentor his tribe while discovering the perfect daily routine for their lives, however, the Gods will not make his discoveries easy.
Spacetime bending isometric puzzle game. The player starts the first half of the level with the goal to go through a door, to reach the second half, but when playing the second half, he is able to w
A game where you need to do 3 thing: 1)Figure out what symptoms you have; 2)Find out what disease you have; 3)Find the cure;
You are what you think.
Adruzzle is a computer game where one has to find a way to exit rooms while doing various puzzles, for example hitting a switch, choosing correct door etc. Each time player enters a new room, a sound is played which gives a hint.Main game objective is to pass all game without dying.
Play as an adventurer Gintvilas. He's trapped in an endless house loop. You have to help him to break the loop and free him.