Past Games

The creeps have overrun and destroyed your base. But now you're back in force. Repair your base and show those creeps who's boss!
Heartbeat Manor! - a tactical game of cat and mouse in a haunted mansion - This game allows players to chase treasures and each other in a 3D haunted house (3rd person). Players can choose to play as a thief trying to steal treasures or as police officers trying to stop him. Rules: Thieves will always know where the police officers are (Minimap) and can thus avoid them. Police officers on the other side stumble in the dark and must work together to catch the thief. But once a thief in his quest for more loot stumbles across a ghost he will become scared and the police officers will hear his heart beating fast and can thus locate his position. The game ends when the thief is either caught or get s away with all the treasures. Hint: -You can run but only for some time. -There is a door leading to the outside that the thief can use to respawn somewhere else when the police is closing in.