Fabrizio Santoro

Past Games

Reunite two lost stars and create constellations in this action game you play as a jellyfish in a cosmic maze! The jellyfish moves on its own, just change directions with the arrows keys.
Repairing your Mecha-Dancer to kick your neighbor's butt is difficult, especially when your neighbor has the same plans for you.
Your home has always been the happiest place on earth. Your father, your mother, your 6 year old sister and yourself, a 12 year old boy, have always loved and cherished each other, within these hea
Zombies are coming... You're one of them ! Contaminate innocent citizens, ambush them and eat brains... Or get shot. And die.
● EN: Until Wave is a tower defense versus game for two players. As Sam or Max, two 5 year old kids, wage a ruthless war from the heights of your mighty sandcastle!