Past Games

During winter, a lumberjack has to travel outside their home every day to collect lumber and head back so they can recharge and keep themselves warm.
A local multiplayer battle arena. Players must activate energy towers to unleash shockwaves and wipe the rival. Controller Needed!!!
Happines is not a permanent state. Being happy is having happy moments worth remembering.
A man perform his morning rituals while reminiscing about a lost love, find the correct order and face why it's done.
In a dark but comic setting, you must gather followers to your wannabe evil cult and summon one of the creatures of the underworld to impress them.
Rabid Rabbit Ritual is a 4 players game which main objetive is to coordinate your group to perform a ritual and save your buddie.
atiaîa means light ray. inside the game, the light symbolizes your soul; your life.