Past Games

Control Patient Zero and spread your pathogen through a group of fleeing hospital patients.
TWO CRATE GAMES FOR THE ONE CRATE PRICE --- The Crate Escape: The Lost VR Missions Introducing The Wall™ - An unprecedented partnership of western engineering, and hard justice.
The key to a safe life is through a series of grueling rituals that drain you of any creative freedom or will to break out from your sheltered life.
Turn-based competitive billiards-style battle arena - but - instead of the balls there are spacemen punching each other into fires.
We never reached other worlds, and life on Earth is over. With finite resources that can never be replenished, two factions battle it out in orbit for the right to be the last ones to die.
Attempt to stop the city's criminal population fleeing the city by causing traffic jams in this high paced strategy game!
Nom!Oboros is a 2.5D reincarnation puzzle platformer. Nom! your way through the inhabitants of this adorably creepy world. Reincarnate as them and use their unique abilities to solve the spatial puzzles.
The Melbourne Mega Mashup! A collaboration of over 100 programmers, artists, designers, writers, musicians, journalists, and more: we are proud to present the Credits Game of the #IGDAMJAM.