Past Games

Get to know yourselves.
It's a well known fact that hermit crabs don't like seeing other hermit crabs naked.
In Chroma Cabbie, you're are a taxi driver tasked with picking up troubled passengers who happen to be aliens. Talk with them, and find out their feelings by their change in color.
Killer Whale Island, a legendary place for any pirate seeking treasure. You were in need of some quick money. Only to find out that Killer Whale Island wasn't what you thought.
Hello this is the Ritual Hotline, here to solve all of your demonic problems. Ritual Hotline is a game about helping someone dispel a ritual and save the world.
All the right pieces. All the wrong pieces. All the right things. All the wrong things. All the strange pieces... ...falling out of place. Customize your appearance and choose between male o
-Space is a story driven platformer/adventure. Heavy on the story, shaken, not stirred.