Past Games

How long can you survive?
Tap ONE person to infect. See how fast you can infect everyone!!!!!
Surf a tsunami wave that is covering a Japanese village. Live through the Great Wave off Kanagawa by the artist Hokusai printed from wood block around 1830. Instruction: Hold to move faster.
Can you find each word in 111 boards? Cast 10 kinds of spells: Love, Health, Skill and more. Each intended word is related to the spell, yet you can creatively form any word in a standard Scrab
Player is dropped in the middle of a 3 faction war. Change the outcome.
Multiplayer cooperative puzzle dungeon,
Disperse crowds away from falling meteors and more!
You are a mischievous Cupid. Click on hearts to break up the dysfunctional relationships. Each character rotates clockwise, until their hands are no longer touching another potential companion. When all the hearts have been broken, you win.