Past Games

You’re the owner of the last tavern before a deep and perilous dungeon.
You are the caretaker of souls. Guide the souls with your light, so that they may safely traverse to the afterlife.
Mr. President will ride a wave of his own money which you control, and by doing this you will help him collect the much needed bricks for his newest idea.
You play as a witch doctor. As you get patients, you need to determen their symptoms and the combinations you need to use to cure them. And if you get it wrong THEY DIE!
A game in which 4 players venture through a randomly-generated cave. Cooperate to get past obstacles in an attempt to get as far as possible, or sabotage each-other to see who can get the farthest.
You eat the hearts of cute forest animals to gain their powers, which you need to overcome certain obstacles.