Past Games

With the repeal of net neutrality rules you are the new big data, data throttler. Do your job and follow the company policy!
Have you ever wanted to be a wacky wavy inflatable tube man? What about a wacky wavy inflatable tube man who plays beach volleyball with a friend??! In this game you can do just that.
Growth is a game that explores the process of cancer treatment entirely though expressive mechanics. Players must manage the spread of a disease on a grid of hexagons using clunky tools that harm while curing. === HOW TO PLAY === Click to start the game. The goal of the game is to remove all the red tiles from the board before all the white tiles disappear. Right click to open the tools menu. Hover over a tool to see a description of its effect. Left click a tool to select it. Left click and drag to use the selected tool. The yellow and pink tools do not need to be dragged. As tiles take damage they will dim in color. The more damaged a tile is, the more likely it will turn red. Use the blue tool to heal damaged tiles. Tools that are darkened in the tool menu are cooling down, and cannot be used until their cooldown is over.