Past Games

Welcome to The lost city of Phound. You are an explorer, and your goal is to find the crystal skull.
Rule 34 is a co-op game about maximising each other's pleasure to win. The GGJ 2015 theme was "what do we do now?" So, in our game we literally ask "what will you DO now?".
This top-down, single-screen, 4-player battle arena will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.
using the Arrow keys and \"z\"x\"c\"\" z is to jump x is to eat c is to spit out what you have eaten... R is to reset the level, and you can skip stages by pressing P hope you all enjoy!!! :P
Pilot an experimental electromagnet ship against the infinite horde of the drone army. \ Cycle shrapnel as ammunition. Get power ups to increase the power of your magnet. Use your overdrive to turn enemy bullets against them.