Past Games

You've just broken into a bank, but the heist has gone spectacularly wrong! It's time to escape and destroy the evidence, before the cops catch you... also the cops are dragons.
Bot is a robot with a human heart. His heart is struggling to keep up with the robotic frame and only his master can repair the damage. Bot is on a mission to get back to his creator's lab before going offline. Bot must keep running during his adventure. Bot will have to dodge moving platforms and environmental challenges to traverse the path back to his master. Along the way, Bot will pick up items that may modify his behavior. These items might damage Bot or might affect his movement. This will be a side scroller, built in Unity3D.
Imagine that a famed explorer loses his whip and falls into a ruined temple full of snakes. What's he to do? Beat up the snakes and use them as a whip to navigate the temple, of course!
In the year 2006... the International Astronomical Union revoked Pluto's planet status, in one of the most contested debates in astronomical history. Distraught and enraged, Pluto strapped on a propulsion unit and rocketed out into the void, embarking on a quest to regain planetary status... by any means necessary!