Past Games

A Rocket lands on a clearing and you and your friends gave to repair it. Movement - WASD or GamePad left stick Action - left ctrl or GamePad A Dash - alt or GamePad B You can play with up to 4
Rune Shift is a Turn Based Strategy game for 2 to 4 players. You play on a map consisting of hexagonal tiles. Each turn you have to place three runes. Which type is chosen randomly.
* German Version first, English Version below - * warning the game ist currently only available in German* Der Antragssimulator 2015: Wer kennt das nicht: Man sitzt beim Amt und muss ein Formular au
All The Same is a game where you just float around and try to collect as many objects as possible. Each collected object changes your perception of your world.
Gameplay: The player controls a small entity flowing across the screen. Now and then, a similar being sporns. The Players goal is to make friends with these, making them dissolve to coloured spots in the background. While playing, the whole screen pulses to the tact of the players heartbeat. This beat changes when the player comes close to a potential friend. Small friends make it go faster, big friends slow it down. Controls: The Game can be steered using either the computers keyboard or an extern MIDI-Piano. A direction is reached by one or more notes shown on the screen. Every tact the keys change. Pressing the keys with the beat gains a lot of points and speed, pressing a wrong key or offbeat, the points go down. Standing still for to long a time makes the player die.