Enes Uğur Şekerci

Past Games

Antisquare is a game about inverting squares. You click on the arrows and they turn clock-wise until they can move forward, then move until they hit a wall.
A game about feeling lost, while being relaxed about it
It's a game about putting a broken piece into its place, collectively. You (who are supposedly two people) have 5 seconds to determine what sequence of actions (which happens to be translation
This game is an experiment that everyone on the jam site can join the game with their phones. One day, so many people woke up in a big island, and they don't even remember who they are. The fir
CAZIRT! is a game about colobration and harmony between 2 players. Both players have to hit each other to create a connection between them.
Audio Wobble is a 2D sidescroller runner game which platforms are generated by rhtym of the background music. Game includes many tracks to play with, also these tracks are created at the site.
They asked you a question. You swear. Local Multiplayer game with 2 players.
This is a 2 player Co-op game that can be played in three different visual concepts and styles.Everybody asked themselves once this question "What do i do now?
You are a patient visiting psychiatrist and telling your story. However you remembering some stuff differently than they were. Switch between your imaginary world and real worlds to complete levels.

Hearty Games