Past Games

核心玩法:两个玩家在同一个场景里,场景中有两把手枪的组件(组件包括:枪扣帽、套筒、枪管、复进簧、挂机扳把、发射机座、套筒座、子弹、弹匣),按照流程进行枪支还原,装上弹匣之后可以开枪,击中对方的玩家胜利。 玩家1操作:WASD移动 J拖拽 K推动 玩家2操作:上下左右移动 Alt拖拽 Ctrl推动 玩家组装完成发起枪战:Space空格
Introduction: When the owners were not at home, the sweeping robots began their carnival! They throw the garbage they collected to other robots and fight with each other.
A multiplayer battle game which you attack enemies by hitting them and sending your music to their headphones. Of course, you should punch and shout:"Take my bgm!".