Past Games

It's a fever of sausages, again.
You are God and you are LAZY !, Humans are making Rituals to summon you on Earth but you prefer to just chill-out in Heaven. Do what you can to get rid of those annoying prayers ! [ PLAY =&
Just like us What remains for survivors of a collapsed world? They are just like us, waiting for something to change their fates. Add trash into this world and create their paths to the sky.
Corabell is a girl that couldn't see the colours of the world. So, she starts her journey looking for the colors that she lost from herself. Controls. Space : Jump P : Pause
A girl wakes up in a misterious place and has the help of a skinny boy to return home through various challenges.
A platform puzzle, with each map divided by the player, and each side behaves different.