Emre Abanozoğlu

Past Games

Sevgilisine göndermemesi gereken bir mesajı gönderen genç, mesajı sevgilisinin telefonuna ulaşmadan yakalayıp yok etmesi lazım. Bir Umut Sarıkaya karikatüründen esinlenilmiştir.
We are helping Graham Bell to make his first telephone call to Mr. Watson.
During an evocation ritual, one man and a woman stuck in a house mysteriously. The objective of the game is escaping from the house with a body. Ghost can control people.
The gods of music are displeased. You are a musical genius and you need to perform rituals for them to accept you to their realms.
In this game, one player is thrown into a labyrinth as a sacrifice and can not see anything, and other players are the previous ghosts who died before him/her, trying to help the player to find the ex
It's a 2D adventure puzzle game where you try to redeem lost souls by burying the bodies with the correct items associated with them.